More Hearts Than Mine

maxresdefault.jpgThis song “More Hearts Than Mine” by Ingrid Andress has been on my mind all week.

It’s not a love song, and it’s not a breakup song, but it’s still brimming with romance and heartbreak. It’s really just an aching drumroll about the anxiety Andress is feeling as she prepares to introduce her boyfriend to her family.

If I bring you home to Mama,
I guess I’d better warn ya,
She falls in love a little faster than I do.
And my dad will check your tires,
Pour you whiskey over ice,
Take you fishing, but pretend that he don’t like you.
If we break up I’ll be fine,
But you’ll be breaking more hearts than mine.

She manages to unpack love for her family, love for her significant other, and the reality¬† of her fear with these little glimpses into her hometown, some deliberate piano, and a beautiful tone. I love it, and I’ve never heard a song quite like it.

(Also, shoutout to the Cracker Barrel production team making these amazing performance videos.)

3 thoughts on “More Hearts Than Mine”

  1. I have this song on my mp3 player. Well crafted and thought out, therefore not a candidate for today’s USA country radio, Please note that I live in rural New Zealand, and all my country music listening comes from youtube and the internet.

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